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Nailed It

365 Readings for Angry or Worn-Out People

Anne Kennedy

384 pages
Square Halo Books
How is that Bible reading plan working out for you? That’s okay, everyone gets stuck. Just ask Jael, or worse, Jonah. This book is meant to “unstick” you. You’ll meet angry and worn out people who—like you—desperately needed God. You’ll see how God seeks out his people in spite of themselves. You’ll discover again that the Bible is worth every moment you devote to it. With a devotional reading for each day of the year, this book will guide you through the Bible—the whole blessed thing—helping you turn your eyes towards Jesus with every step. And who knows? You may end up reading past Leviticus this time.
Author Bio
Anne Kennedy has a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.Div. from Virginia Theological Seminary. She grew up in French-speaking West Africa and traveled all over the world, only to find herself now living in upstate New York, where she mothers her six young children and helps her husband keep body and soul together in the pastoring of a small Anglican church. Anne blogs practically every day at Patheos.com.