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No Challenge Too Great

Preparing Our Youth to Reach Their Potential

Mason West, III

218 pages
Spirit Reign Communication
No Challenge Too Great explores Mason West’s view of the challenges we face as a country preparing our children for the future. It also reveals the methods he has used in the classroom and in the community to meet these challenges and help our youth overcome whatever obstacles they face to realize their potential. Mason West has worked in under-resourced schools where teachers struggle to help students meet academic standards. He has also worked in schools where resources are bountiful and their stakeholders have high academic expectations. Mason has worked with youth of different religious backgrounds. He has worked with governments at every level to implement programs and change lives. All of these experiences have given him a unique perspective, which he shares in this book. The greatest lesson he has learned from them all is that if there is true collaboration within a community and if we are willing to give our all for the cause, then there is no social, economic, civic or academic challenge too great for us to overcome.