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Full Service

Notes from the Rearview Mirror

David Hill

144 pages
Islandport Press
The service station. Cars with fins and chrome. It was the heyday of America’s love affair with the automobile and the afterglow still lingers. Author and photojournalist David Hill has traveled the back roads, state routes, and hiked through the woods of his home state of Maine to find these automotive treasures and photograph them in their pristine state. Feast your eyes on these 100% untouched classic design originals, left in situ to become an eloquent testimony to an age of automotive splendor and American craftsmanship. Full Service chronicles a journey back in time and place and is a lush visual reminder for those old enough to remember when, who pine for the days of cheap gas, gorgeous wheels and open roads. A special gift for the classic car collector, automotive enthusiast, and/or design student.
Author Bio
David Hill was born in Portland, Maine and raised in Gorham. He has lived in a number of towns in southern Maine. He has three children and currently lives in South Portland with his high-school girlfriend, Lisa.  Hill has been a television photojournalist since 1992, spending the last seventeen years at WGME. He got his first camera for Christmas in 1978, at age eight—a Kodak Instamatic—that he still has. A wanderer, Hill spends a lot of time visiting around the state of Maine, with his camera in tow. He has a DeLorme Gazetteer that he uses to check off the grids he’s been to on the back of the Atlas.