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Lake Where Loon Lives

Brenda Reeves Sturgis Brooke Carlton

32 pages
Islandport Press
There's a lake with a loon and two chicks. Sounds peaceful, right? Guess again. The Lake Where Loon Lives starts quietly, but the story builds, one line at a time, to a wacky and wonderful splashy crescendo, as the loons are joined by a playful fly, a slippery fish, and a curious boy on the dock. Brenda Reeves Sturgis treats us to fanciful and evocative word play while Brooke Carlton's exuberant watercolors tell the story behind the story. Mama Loon rolls her eyes and tolerates the antics that take place on the lake until, at the end, she snuggles with her chicks who are ready for sleep, just as the readers of this wonderful picture book will be.
Author Bio
Brenda Reeves Sturgis is a Maine author who began her writing journey in 2004 after attending a school visit by famed author Lynn Plourde. She is the author of 10 Turkeys in the Road and No Fun in the Sun for Santa. She and her husband Gary live on a lovely little lake where she listens to loons wail and watches an occasional moose meander across her backyard. She has four children and four grandchildren. Brooke Carlton began drawing in her thirties as an excuse to color in her own picture-book ideas. She arbitrarily chose pen and ink, with an old set of Winsor & Newton watercolors to fill in. The resulting combo and hot palette quickly became her trademark.. Her whimsical illustrations have appeared in children's magazines and books, private collections, commercial brochures and posters, mailing envelopes, and even large mural walls. Brooke works out of her tiny studio in the woods of rural Maine.