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A Vision of Peace

The Interfaith Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda

Sandra Kumari de Sachy Ed.D

200 pages
Integral Yoga Publications
A Vision of Peace explores the emergence of the interfaith movement and the role that Sri Swami Satchidananda played in its evolution. A pioneer in the movement, he participated in and organized interfaith gatherings and seminars; he created innovative interfaith programs, retreats, and worship services; and he founded communities where people from all backgrounds and diverse traditions could live and serve together harmoniously. Swami Satchidananda’s unique contributions helped to establish the interfaith movement as a veritable path to peace. He envisioned a peaceful planet, a heaven on earth, and he shared that vision with one and all. We can make it a reality.
Author Bio

Reverend Sandra Kumari de Sachy, Ed.D., has been. practicing Integral Yoga since 1980. She became a certified Integral Yoga teacher in 1981 and was ordained as an Integral Yoga minister in 1995.

She has taught Hatha Yoga, Yoga philosophy, and meditation in colleges and universities, in Yoga centers and in prison, and she continues to teach and serve at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville. She is vice-chairperson of Satchidananda Ashrams Spiritual Life Board, a member of its board of trustees, and a staff member of the LOTUS Center For All Faiths (LCAF). She also teaches a weekly sacred text class to participants of the Ashram Yogi work/study program, focusing on texts from the various faith traditions.

Reverend Kumari has an M.A. in English literature and a doctorate in English education/language arts, and she has taught English in colleges and universities in the United States and in France. In addition to this book, she is the author of Bound to be Free: The Liberating Power of Prison Yoga and has published a number of articles on Yoga philosophy.

Reverend Kumari resides with her husband at Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia.