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Fischer & Wieser's Fredericksburg Flavors

Recipes from the Hearts of the Texas Hill Company

John DeMers Mark Wieser Case D. Fischer Andrew Hanenberg

192 pages
Bright Sky Press
For more than a quarter-century, the founders of Fischer and Wieser”the flavor-crazed dynamic duo of Case Fischer and Mark Wieser”have introduced a larger world to the flavors of Texas. Starting with a handful of jams and jellies, the specialty food company they founded in a peach orchard has launched hundreds of different sauces for every step of the cooking and eating process, including their original creation built around roasted raspberries and a then-little-known pepper known as chipotle. In the pages of this cookbook, Case and Mark tell their stories”the discoveries of their culinary creations, the values and creativity that lie at the heart of their business success, and the town they have called home throughout their exciting journey. This collection of recipes brings a little bit of Texas and an enormous amount of flavor with every dish and is sure to ignite readers' passion for the kitchen.
Author Bio
Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, a family business in the Texas Hill Country, has proved what its German founders always believed: If you're honest and have a quality product, people will keep buying it. Fischer & Wieser is very much a family business. In 1969, Mark Weiser founded a jelly shop in his family's peach orchard. He taught school when he wasn't in the orchard, and one of his students, Case D. Fischer, now president and CEO of the company, developed such a love for the business that he went off to college to study food and fiber marketing. He returned home full of ideas and he and Wieser became business partners. John DeMers, who divides his time among Houston, Austin, and Marfa, is the author of more than forty published books—many about food, wine, and travel, plus the West Texas Noir series that includes the Chef Brett mysteries. He is a regular contributor to Houston and Prime Living magazines, as well as to Houston ArtsWeek. John also hosts the Delicious Mischief food and wine radio program on NewsRadio 740 KTRH in Houston and Talk 1370 in Austin.