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How Different Is Good

Nick The Wise Old Cat

Linda Sicks Dave Messing

Nick The Cat LLC
Following the success of the Nick the Wise Old Cat debut series The Importance of Family, the warm, value based stories continue with the introduction of the second series, The Importance of Friendship. In this new series, young readers will build upon the lessons they learned on the importance and diversity of relationships from the family series, when choosing and forming friendships. In the first book of the series, How Different is Good, Nick and his adopted brother Baby Z discover friendship, beyond their own, when they meet a sparrow named Sammy and a butterfly named Beatrice. Nick and Baby Z's fascination with the surprising bond Sammy and Beatrice share raise many questions about friendship. As the story progresses, they meet Maria, a dear friend of the Nice Lady. These encounters with Sammy, Beatrice, and Maria enrich Nick and Baby Z's appreciation and understanding of friendship. This great story of sensitivity, inquisitiveness, and discovery is certain to increase a young reader's understanding of true friendship and the acceptance that different is good by any measure.
Author Bio
Linda Sicks, a resident of Michigan, has always been passionate toward animals and concerned for their well-being. She was inspired to write the Nick the Wise Old Cat books when she realized that during the past twelve years, she and Nick lived through many of life's ups and downs together, and that he was indeed her family. Linda and Nick continue life's journey together and look forward to offering value messages to you and your family in future Nick the Wise Old Cat series books.