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Gift of the Golden Dolphin

Peggy Dubro

Platinum Publishing House
Hardcover book and CD IThis is the first book to document the structure and scientific basis of the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). A unique geometric and harmonic configuration of light and sounds, the UCL is a vital system within the human energy anatomy which allows us to rewrite our own evolutionary script. Discover this personal prism of crystalline light and new tools to work with the energetic changes affecting our cellular structure, our lives, and our planet. Endorsed by Kryon channeler Lee Carroll.n this story of the Little Golden Dolphin, your child will learn the Spiral Sweep, an energy meditation/exercise that will teach them to be more aware of their own energy. Your child will learn that both their body and their mind are important parts of their spiritual evolution. The Spiral Sweep exercise creates an energetic posture of inner confidence and peace and it just feels really good!
It is my intent that you and your child will enjoy practicing this exercise together and explore what it means to accelerate your own spiritual evolution. Are we at a moment in our human history when and where it is possible to consciously develop ourselves into a new kind of humanity? For the future of our children, I believe this is true.