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The Horse that Worked for God

Mary Ellen Beachy

249 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
"Glory, glory, bless the Lord!" shouted Billy as he stood on the foundation stone of the chapel he was building for the Lord… . He preached his first sermon there on that stone… . Billy was overjoyed when he was given enough money for lumber, but he had no way of hauling the boards… . A kind neighbor said, "I have a horse and a cart, but my horse is so stubborn… . "You can surely try my horse,… but you won't get her to pull a load, I warn you."… "I never saw a better mare," Billy told the owner when he returned the horse… . -Taken from The Horse That Worked for God. Many other stories fill this book that make for wholesome reading by adolescents and whole families.
Author Bio
Mary Ellen Beachy resides with her husband Mark and family near Dundee Ohio. She taught Christian day school for several years and now enjoys being a homemaker. Her heart is for the teaching children the things of God. She also authored the book Light for Your Path.