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Big Deal

192 pages
Image Cascade Publishing
The moment Cinda Hollister sees her parents in earnest conversation, she senses impending disaster! She is almost relieved when she learns that the problem involves a move to a new neighborhood. Cinda turns what could be a difficult summer into a fun one as she organizes, produces and writes a production for an amateur theater group. Is it possible that she could find herself in the role of actress, as well?
Author Bio
Janet Lambert was born and lived many years of her younger life in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Prior to writing novels Ms. Lambert performed as an actress and play writer touring with a repertory company around the United States and on Broadway. Ms. Lambert's acting career was shortened during WWI by her marriage to then Captain Kent Lambert and later by the birth of her daughter, Jeanne Ann. As a perceptive and intellectually curious Army wife, Ms. Lambert gained insight into people, situations, and life in many settings. These experiences were integrated into her writing for many years to come.