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Class Ring

208 pages
Image Cascade Publishing
When Tobey Heydon wears Brose's class ring, her family insists that it be understood they are not "going steady." This inevitably leads straight into difficulties and misunderstandings. But what Brose likes best about Tobey, better even than her nearly-red hair and her smile, is that she is so honest. A boy appreciates that quality in a girl. So when she tells him she is going to a college dance with another man, he is secretly reassured even while he growls. However, things become more and more complicated until the class ring changes hands...for a while. Softcover edition.
Author Bio
Rosamond du Jardin was one of the most popular authors of girls series fiction in the 1950s. Her Tobey Heydon and Pam and Penny Howard books are among the most beloved teen romance novels of their era. Rosamond du Jardin first wrote humorous verse and short stories for multiple periodicals throughout the 1940s. She also wrote five novels for adults before her first novel for teenagers, Practically Seventeen, which was published in 1949.