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Extreme Predators

Meet the world’s most dangerous animals

80 pages
Beetle Books

This brilliant book brings together 30 of the deadliest predators to have ever lived on Earth. With fantastically detailed, true-to-life illustrations showcasing terrifying teeth and claws, fierce fangs and deadly venom, Extreme Predators is packed with incredible hunters; the most dangerous ever known. From prehistoric predators that roamed in the Age of the Dinosaurs to creatures that inhabit Earth today, stalking prey in jungle, sky and sea, we count down to find out who should be crowned the deadliest of all! With super statistics on strength and speed, and fascinating bite-size facts about hunting strategies and prey, kids will find themselves entertained for hours.

• From the terrifying T.rex to the fearsome funnel-web spider, uncover the most dangerous creatures ever.

• Discover the petrifying ways these clever hunters capture their prey.

• Find out who wins the race for the fastest predator of all time!

• Uncover the incredible creature nicknamed the 'Deathstalker'.

…and much more! With some of the world's most famous predators, as well as some you may not have heard of before, Extreme Predators is full of the cleverest and most powerful hunters the world has ever known. The perfect gift for kids who are fascinated by animals, this captivating book is one to return to again and again.

Author Bio
John lives by the sea on the south coast of England. He loves the outdoors and most sports. John has written on a wide variety of topics for children, including math, science, sports and the natural world.