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Storm at Dusk

360 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd

When you’ve been deceived by the Worthy, where do you turn?

Ajay Ambers only ever wanted to be Glorified, the highest status in Tulo City. But now his actions have led to a tangled knot of heartache, chaos and… death.

Unable to accept his grief and pursued by Command’s elite detectives, Ajay finds himself in even darker territory. Thrust into a community where hatred thrives, that seeks revenge at every turn and is willing to kill for it. Should Ajay run to avoid becoming a pawn in their game or can they, in fact, be trusted...

Genni, Ajay’s girlfriend is also unable to move on. Determined to find answers, she risks her merit score and reputation to uncover the secrets of Ajay's past. Delving into the murky underbelly of the Side, she is forced to confront uncomfortable truths about a society she thought she knew.

As they both peel back the layers of deceit, each revelation comes with a choice: succumb to the darkness and comply or rise above the storm and choose love over hate.

The question is: Do you truly deserve to be Worthy?

Author Bio
L.G. Jenkins ============

Lydia Jenkins is an author, book-lover and coffee drinker. When she isn't immersed in writing dystopian worlds, you'll either find her reading in a coffee shop, playing netball or spending time with friends in 'sunny' England.

Sun of Endless Days is her debut novel and she hopes to encourage others in their purpose, worth and faith through writing for years to come. Follow Lydia on Instagram and Tiktok to keep up with all her antics - @lgjenkinsauthor