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Then There Were Giants

384 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Sentenced to forty years of wandering around the wilderness because of their stubbornness and rebellion, the newly born nation of Israel must now battle the elements, learn how to survive life in the desert, and see their families torn apart by conflict. Journey with Joshua; witness the brutality of warfare and the agonising pain of death and loss, alongside heart-warming moments of joyful celebration as he prepares to take on the mantle of leading this mighty nation, while facing his own fears and battling his greatest adversaries yet… giants!
Author Bio
Nicky Heymans =============

Nicky Heymans is an author who has a passion for storytelling. Although born in the United Kingdom, she lived the first forty years of her life in Zimbabwe, where she met and married her husband, Kingsley. They currently live in Wales and have three wonderful grown-up children and a beautiful daughter-in-law.