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A Novel

100 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In "Emmaus" by Jeremy Marshall, the grounds of a transformed Victorian asylum become the backdrop for a tale of rediscovery and redemption. Felix, a grief-stricken retiree seeking solace from his own tormented mind, volunteers at a charity within the asylum's reimagined walls. Haunted by his wife's death and grappling with his faith, Felix struggles to find meaning in a world that has dealt him heavy blows. Amid the lush gardens, Felix's chance encounter with his old sparring partner, Angus, leads to a renewed friendship and unexpected conversations. As they mend guttering and share memories, Felix opens up about his struggles with God's role in his suffering, while Angus, once a skeptic, listens intently. The men's banter and probing questions explore the mysteries of life, faith, and the human spirit. In a serendipitous moment, a strange encounter with a frog hints at something extraordinary beneath the surface. As Felix wrestles with his doubts and fears, he begins to sense a deeper connection to the natural world and an inkling of something beyond the realm of the ordinary. Set against the backdrop of changing seasons and the breathtaking landscapes of the downs, "Emmaus" delves into the complexities of grief, faith, and friendship. Marshall's poignant narrative weaves together themes of loss and renewal, doubt and hope, as Felix and Angus navigate their own emotional landscapes. Through their heart-to-heart conversations, unexpected twists, and moments of transcendence, the novel invites readers to contemplate the fragile yet resilient nature of the human spirit. "Emmaus" is a moving exploration of life's profound questions, set within a garden of healing where unlikely friendships and subtle miracles bloom.
Author Bio
Jeremy Marshall ===============

Jeremy Marshall was the former CEO of the UK’s oldest private bank, C. Hoare & Co. He died in 2023 after a decade-long battle with cancer. During his final years he dedicated his life to sharing the Bible and explaining the Christian faith