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Unbeliever to Overcomer

Facing challenges to our faith with understanding and courage

176 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne (Revelation 3:21) Mike Dwight reflects on over 40 years of church planting and leadership training in Asia. There is a spiritual battle at two levels. Firstly, that unbelievers understand the journey from darkness into light and personal faith in Christ. Secondly, to realise this step is just the beginning. The journey from believer to disciple and from disciple to overcomer is full of danger and privilege. The stage from believer to overcomer, is the major part of the book. What are the dangers and the privileges? How do we prepare people for this journey? What personal challenges do we need to take on board? What about the future? Will we still believe, no matter what opposition, struggles and levels of spiritual warfare we may face? He became aware that it will require courage, understanding and a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit to overcome the struggles, temptations, accusations and even persecution to come. The goal of this book is to encourage and challenge one-another to run and finish the race. It will not be straight-forward. Courage and tenacity will be crucial. No matter how dark and difficult the coming days may be, God’s promise is that by holding-on and keeping the faith to the very end, we will overcome and receive the crown of life. What a privilege!
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Mike Dwight ===========

Mike Dwight is a pastor, and together with his wife, Wilma, served as missionaries with WEC International for more than forty years. They have lived in Thailand during this time and their ministry has been devoted to church planting, leadership training and conference ministry in Thailand and many Asian countries. They are currently living in the UK and involved with WEC Betel International. Mike is also the author of Out of the Desert and Into the Land.