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Christmas Coloring Factbook

32 pages
Word For Word Bible Comics
Creativity meets devotional time with historically rich dynamic illustrations from the nativity of Jesus Christ. Alongside the coloring pages are facts and cultural, historical & biblical points of interest. Ideal for adult or youth Christmas gift.
Author Bio
Simon Amadeus Pillario: Based in Bristol, England, Simon Amadeus Pillario has a degree in graphic design and has been professionally illustrating comics since 2002 and has a love of Dark Horse and Image comics, especially B.P.R.D. and anything by Mike Mignola. He became a committed Christian at the age of 23 and after reading the Bible as a young adult was struck by how much of the exciting intrigue, drama and challenging elements are dropped from dramatizations and visualizations of the bible stories. Passionate about the full Word of God and unsatisfied with the cut-down, child-friendly Christian comics available he was inspired to create this product for adults and mature teenagers.