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Wulfgar and the Riddle

Christina Eastwood

144 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Wulfgar the Saxon has travelled to far off lands, met some curious people, had incredible adventures, and been exposed to different ways of thinking and worshipping. But now he's confused and doesn't know what to think, or what to trust to lead him towards the truth. But just as he begins to solve the riddle, Wulfgar is thrust into a potentially illegal escapade! The third book in the Wulfgar the Saxon series that will take the reader on an even more exciting journey. With real historical figures and places, this book for children explores questions that people are talking about today - the perfect way to introduce these ideas to children through a Christian lense, whilst keeping them entertained.
Author Bio
I've written stories for children since I was a child myself. When my own children arrived I was too busy to write any down but I told them plenty of tales. Once they grew up and could stand on their own two feet I had the chance to write stories again and it is wonderful fun! Samuele (Trasna na Dtonnta) and Wulfgar are characters that I love so much I am sorry to have finished their adventures and shut the book on them. I'm a compulsive writer now and there are all sorts of things buzzing about in my brain – I only hope I can get it all down on paper – In fact I'd better stop writing this right now and get on with the job!