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Animal Migration

Amazing Animals Making Extreme, Often Dangerous Journeys for Survival

64 pages
Beetle Books

Animals from all over the world migrate to survive for a variety of reasons, but have you ever wondered how they find their way? It’s equally fascinating how animal’s sense when it’s time to go and why they make often treacherous journeys year after year. This book follows some epic journeys and some remarkable animals that each have their own story of migration to tell.

  • The Greater Snow Geese travel more than 2,500 miles and fly in flocks of families.
  • Humpback whales have magnetic material in their brains that may help them navigate.
  • Believe it or not there is an aquatic reptile that migrates hundreds to thousands of miles.
  • The Arctic Turn is the record breaker when it comes to migration, it travels 25,000 miles from pole to pole, each year.

Mass migrations are some of the most spectacular events in the natural world. But, our planet is changing and it is impacting animals in all types of habitats and sometimes forcing a change in behavior. Animal Migration is beautifully bound and written with simple bite-size text, it’s a book that is sure to be a treasured, favorite read.

Author Bio

Annabel is a writer and artist based in Cornwall, UK. Having worked as a bookseller for many years, she now specializes in creating children’s books with a focus on animals and the natural world. Her recent titles include One Planet, a series of 6 books about Earth and the environment, and What Can I See in the Wild? a beautifully illustrated book on animal habitats, published by Beetle Books. In her free time, Annabel enjoys drawing, hiking, and gardening. She is never without a good book on the go.