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24 Hours in Nature

An Incredible Snapshot of One Day and One Night in Nature from Across the World

64 pages
Beetle Books

A fresh look at nature over 24 hours. Full-color illustrated scenes will transport you into different wildlife habitats around the world. A day in time is not that long, but what happens over a period of 24 hours in nature is awesome! From dawn to dusk, through to the night-time hours, life on Earth is very busy. Most flowers close after the sun goes down, but did you know some flowers only bloom at night? Nocturnal animals are active at nighttime and have developed fascinating strategies to survive the night-shift.

  • Did you know, moonflowers open in the evening and stay open until after sunrise?
  • Discover how bats can find food in total darkness and where they hang out.
  • Why are some otters so difficult to spot and find, even for the scientists who study them?
  • Which buzzing insect has 5 eyes and can fly an awesome 32 kilometers per hour!

Natures habitats are very diverse and are changing all the time. The deserts, frozen polar regions, humid rainforests and our oceans, all challenge plant life, animals, birds and insects to work and react at different times of the day. Packed full of fascinating bite-size facts, it’s a brilliant and memorable read. Luxuriously bound, with 25 beautifully illustrated full-color scenes, this book is the perfect gift for nature-loving youngsters. A stunning book to treasure.

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Hungry Tomato is a young forward-thinking children’s publisher, publishing high interest, non-fiction, soft learning books. Our mission…is to switch kids onto reading and learning, with books that have worldwide appeal. Our books are designed to stimulate and engage a child’s natural curiosity both in school and at home, wherever that home may be.