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Big Book of Space

Journey Through the Universe to visit the Sun, Stars, Planets and Much More!

Emily Kington

80 pages
Beetle Books

Prepare for lift-off and let our friendly astronaut guides take you on an awesome exploration of all things space! Fact-hungry cosmic fans can discover fascinating facts about the entire universe, of which Earth is just a tiny part. Over 100 brilliant full-color illustrations and photographs help you to take a closer look at the eight planets in our solar system and tour the Sun, moon and stars. Alongside the astronauts, you can find out about space exploration in the past, present and future. Discover…

  • How mysterious black holes are born, according to scientists
  • The excitement of the space race, and who was the first man on the moon
  • What is a solar day, and which planet has the longest one
  • What’s next for space exploration

Stunning photography and fun illustrations make this book a real page-turner for young enquiring minds. Could we live on Mars and how long would it take to get there? Budding astronauts who need to know all of these things and more can find answers to their questions here.

Author Bio

Emily Kington is a busy author and artist, living in the South West of England in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Emily is the author of over 30 non-fiction children’s books covering a variety of STEAM related subjects including Amazing Art for Creative Kids, Big Ideas for the Great Outdoors and Recycled Art. Emily’s latest series, Animals in Danger encompasses her love of animals and her concerns about the planet.