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What Can I See in the Wild

Sharing our planet, nature and habitats

Annabel Griffin Rose Maclachlan

80 pages
Beetle Books

A treasure trove exploration of the sunbaked deserts, untamed rainforests, spectacular undersea worlds and the frozen lands of the polar regions. We share our planet with some truly awesome creatures and plant-life. This beautifully illustrated book for younger readers takes an up-to-date look at these incredibly diverse and fascinating environments, exploring their different climates and habitats, along with the animals that live in them. Discover

  • How long can a desert tortoise go without drinking?
  • Which bird is a sneaky thief in the Arctic?
  • What is the largest animal to have ever existed
  • What does a meat-eating plant have for dinner?

Beautifully written, fascinating facts take you on a wonderful tour of our delicately balanced planet. With a hidden animal to find on every page, it’s a book that engages and entertains. It’s sure to become a bookshelf favorite and is definitely a book for keeps!

Author Bio

Annabel Griffin is a writer and artist based in the Southwest of England. She is passionate about nature and loves hiking and gardening in her free time.

Rose Maclachlan graduated from Falmouth University in 2020 with a BA(Hons) degree in Illustration. She is now an Artist in Residence at Totnes Art & Design Foundation Course, where she continues to develop her work using a combination of digital and traditional techniques. With non-fiction illustration at the heart of her practice, Rose enjoys the challenge of visualising unconventional topics and information. She also likes to address important issues within her work and uses personal experiences to create zines that readers can relate to.