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Big Ideas for the Big Outdoors

Get into outdoor art and sculpture, have fun with mud, track animals, building camps and much, much more..

Emily Kington

96 pages
Beetle Books

Great ideas for kids to have fun outdoors. Encourage and inspire them through positive outdoor experiences, engaging with nature through art and play. Discover the animals and insects, build habitats and homes and see how they live. See how awesome it can be and create simple, wonderful pieces of art from materials that nature provides us with. Turn a walk into play, use the sun, observe trees and engage the imagination, it's all for free and its fun for everyone!

. Make a cute stickmen sculpture for the garden

. Build a camp to watch the critters

. Trees have faces, don't you know? It's a great game to fire up the imagination!

. monsters and giant cobwebs and more..

What's not to like about spending time together, taking a break, unplugging and going back to basics? Lots of ideas to enjoy the simple things, take time out and experience the happiness it will undoubtedly bring.

Author Bio
Emily has worked in publishing and children's books for over twenty years. She loves art and is passionate about making art accessible for children and engaging them in a variety of different art forms. Emily lives in England with her husband and two children and loves outdoor sports, travelling and good food.