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Quick Ting On Bamboo Earrings

Sophia Tassew

Jacaranda Books Art Music

British Street Fashion has a rich history. Its trajectory from the streets onto international catwalks has been fast and heavily documented. A Quick Ting On: Bamboo Earring will be the first book to explore the politics of street fashion staple that is bamboo earrings. The gold hoop earring has been a commanding symbol in many cultures throughout history. Observing the shift in how these earrings have now been embraced by high fashion and large brands, Sophia inspects the rich history behind the iconic fashion accessory highlighting their importance to young black girls growing up in Britain and internationally. Looking at her own personal relationship to bamboo earrings and other black girls alike. A Quick Ting On highlights these irresistible fashion accessories rise to fame, how they have stood the test of time and their cultural importance.