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Quick Ting On Theatre Sh*t

Reimagining Black British Theatre

Tobi Kyeremateng

Jacaranda Books Art Music

Storytelling and performance have been at the centre of Black traditions for as long as Black existence. From griots and underground raves, to protests and defiant speeches, Black performance translates across time, space and memory. In the UK, a growing genre of contemporary Black British theatre takes shape as a powerful hub of imagination and creativity, which inspires Tobi Kyeremateng to ask: What is theatre in the context of Black expression?

Combining elements of history, personal anecdotes and interviews, alongside layers of poetry and photography, A Quick Ting On: THEATRE SH*T - Reimagining Black British Theatre explores the modern age of Black British theatre, dissecting and recontextualizing what we know it to be.

Through unique and thorough assessment, Kyeremateng captures the gripping dynamic of Black expression through contemporary Black British theatre culture from Yard Plays, cultural activism, and Cabaret, all the way to Notting Hill Carnival, Grime, raves, and friends telling stories at the back of the top deck of a bus.