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A Quick Ting On: Grime

Franklyn Addo

172 pages
Jacaranda Books Art Music

From pirate radio to Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage, journalist and rapper Franklyn Addo pens an extraordinary narrative of the history, present and future of Grime music.

The influence of Grime on contemporary British culture is difficult to understate. From fashion trends and evolving language to potent political statements, Grime is a musical juggernaut that has reverberated far throughout British society. Chronicled for the first time in powerful literary prose, Addo intelligently documents the genre's cultural explosion and investigates how it became the voice of a generation.

A phenomenal insight into the captivating and electrifying genre that has taken the British music scene by storm, A Quick Ting On: Grime is an essential and long-awaited read for Stormzy aficionados and grime newcomers alike.

Author Bio

Franklyn is a social commentator, journalist, youth worker and rapper whose work revolves around the promotion of social justice. His biographical experiences of growing up in (pre-gentrification) Hackney, where he continues to reside, has led him to become devoted to understanding the causes of issues like serious youth violence and the criminalisation of young people, as well as acting to resolve them.

He has written articles for publications including The Guardian, The Independent and Sky News, and has been featured in The New Yorker. His productions include a short documentary on crime induced trauma for BBC3 and a narrative about the human consequences of inequality for BBC Radio 4's 'Four Thought' programme. His main focus is working directly with young people, in settings ranging from schools and youth clubs to prisons and hospitals. This latter setting is where he is presently based, working with young victims of stabbings, shootings and other incidents of serious violence.

In addition to journalism and youth work, Franklyn creates and is deeply passionate about urban music, believing it to be an indispensable tool for reaching young people and allowing them to harness and reflect their own realities.