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Deadly Sacrifice

Stella Oni Jeremy Hopes

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When a child’s severed hand is found, DC Toks Ade and DS Philip Dean are put on the case. Thrown into a world of Nigerian traditional customs, ritual sacrifice, and international human trafficking, they must find the guilty parties before more children are lost and more limbs are found.
"Stella Oni brings a welcome new voice and an engagingly fresh perspective in her superbly executed debut crime novel, Deadly Sacrifice. A totally absorbing read." — Jacob Ross, author of The Bone Readers
"An audacious début novel..." — Nii Ayikwei Parkes, author of Tail of the Blue Bird
"Deadly Sacrifice is a gripping read. It’s a foray into the gritty underbelly of human trafficking and London’s more deprived communities, where immigration and social stratification are interlinked in 21st-century Britain. A chilling tale, powered by a likeable Nigerian-British heroine." — Winnie M Li, author of Dark Chapter