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History of the World

Putting History on the Map

John Farndon Christian Cornia

96 pages
Beetle Books

HISTORY OF THE WORLD runs from the birth of civilization to modern times, exploring major events and epochs, and cultural and scientific advances from all over the world. Take a thrilling journey from the Stone Age, when people first settled down, through to the industrial, high-tech world of today.

Landmarks include…

  • The Ancient Egyptian Empire
  • Viking invasions
  • The US War of Independence
  • The first Moon landing

…and lots more! Colorful illustrated maps sweep you north, south, east and west to show you what was happening where over time. Discover what important events were happening in different places at the same time. It’s a breath-taking, bird’s-eye view of history!

Author Bio

John Farndon is Royal Literary Fellow at City & Guilds in London, UK, and the author of a huge number of books for adults and children on science, technology and history, including international best-sellers. He has been shortlisted six times for the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize, with titles such as How the Earth Works and What Happens When?

Italian-born Christian Cornia decided at the age of four to be a comic-book artist, and is essentially self-taught. He works digitally, but always has a sketchbook in his bag. Christian has illustrated Marvel Comics and is one of the artists for Scooby-Doo characters in Italy and the USA. He also teaches animation at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Italy.