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102 Things to Do

Projects, Activities, and Adventures for connecting with friends, family and your World

Paul Mason

120 pages
Beetle Books

Turn off the computer, put down the phone and switch off the television and let’s have LOTS of fun! Packed with 102 stimulating projects to do indoors and out, this book could be life changing! Ideas to help your neighbors, re-connect with friends and family, what to do on a rainy day and exploring the great outdoors. You can…

  • Discover your grandparents’ life story or run a water balloon race
  • Build a Shelter or take your friends on a treasure hunt
  • Go on a damp day creature hunt or bake some cakes
  • Throw a street party or make an outdoor sculpture

… and much more.

Expand your world, learn new skills and discover hidden talents. Clear instructions on how to carry out all 102 fun and wide appealing projects, combined with amusing images that set the tone. So, take up the challenge, move in and out of your comfort zone – and feel the freedom!

Author Bio

Paul Mason is a prolific author of children's books, many award-nominated, on such subjects as 101 ways to save the planet, vile things that go wrong with the human body, and the world's looniest inventors. Many take off via surprising, unbelievable or just plain revolting facts. Today, he lives at a secret location on the coast of Europe, where his writing shack usually smells of drying wetsuit (he’s a former international swimmer and a keen surfer).