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Climbing Trees and Muddy Knees

The Kids Guide to Getting Unplugged and Getting Outside

Chris Oxlade Eva Sassin

96 pages
Beetle Books

You are so missing out, not getting out and about. It’s amazing outdoors, so much to see and so many awesome skills to learn. Unplug and explore the great outdoors, it’s really good to try new things, so why not switch off and….

  • Build a survival shelter with branches and sticks
  • Cross a river without a boat
  • Pick up animal tracks and hold a snail race
  • Predict and measure rainfall
  • and lots more…

Everyone should learn survival skills and be able to navigate by the stars. It is fun to track animals and recognize poo! Who doesn’t want to explore and build a dam and in times of need, know how to build an emergency stretcher. Devised and tested by an expert in outdoor activities, these 50 projects are perfect to help you become an adventurer, tracker, survivor and explorer, using nature’s resources and some of your own!

Author Bio

Chris Oxlade is an experienced author of educational books for children. He has written more than two hundred books on science, technology, sports and hobbies, including many activity and project books. He enjoys camping and adventurous outdoor sports including rock climbing, hill running, kayaking and sailing.

Eva Sassin is a freelance illustrator born and bred in London. She has loved illustrating ever since she can remember, and she loves combining characters with unusual textures to give them more depth and keep them interesting.