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Stickmen’s Guide to How Things Work

Discover how planes, trains, automobiles and other great machines work

John Paul John Farndon

96 pages
Beetle Books

Join the savvy, accident prone Stickmen on a journey of discovery of how things work. From gigantic machines to submarines and aircraft carriers. How helicopters hover and high-speed trains stay on the line using powerful magnets. View inner and outer workings and discover what makes these amazing machines special. Find out about…

  • how rip-roaring roller-coasters stay on the tracks
  • the airplane that flew round the world, powered just by the sun
  • why hovercrafts need giant fans to keep afloat
  • why one of the largest machines in the world has to be buried underground
  • … and much more.

Clear, cut-away illustrations and diagrams reveal mechanisms at work, with the Stickmen always on hand to share facts (and jokes), explain functions – and even help to load baggage onto a plane!

About the Stickmen Series
Fun, accessible and lively books that explain and show how things work, each of these awesome books feature cut-away friendly illustrations, diagrams and fascinating nuggets of information – making (sometimes difficult) subjects easy to grasp. And the accident-prone Stickmen characters add a touch of humor to these engaging topics.

Author Bio

John Farndon is Royal Literary Fellow at City & Guilds in London, UK, and the author of a huge number of books for adults and children on science, technology and nature, including such international best-sellers as Do Not Open and Do You Think You’re Clever? He has been shortlisted six times for the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize for a science book, with titles such as How the Earth Works, What Happens When? and Project Body (2016).

John Paul has a BSc in biology from the University of Sussex and a graduate certificate in animation from the University of West of England. He devotes his spare time to growing chili pepper, perfecting his plan for a sustainable.