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If Prehistoric Beasts Were Alive Today

Simon Mendez Matthew Rake

96 pages
Beetle Books

Did you know there were massive animals that existed before and after the dinosaurs? Now, just imagine if they appeared in the modern world. Couldn’t happen, could it? These amazing creatures died out millions of years ago. But, just imagine if they were here right now!

  • What if the 8-ton super croc Sarcosuchus arrived in a subway station?
  • Or the 23ft lizard, Megalania, knocked on your door looking for a meal?
  • Or Paraceratherium, the largest land mammal ever, came lumbering through New York City
  • Or you found Arthropleura an 8ft giant millipede in your kitchen

Super-realistic illustrations catapult these mighty creatures into 21st-century settings. Juxtaposed against modern day scenes – bringing to life how awesome these incredible animals were. Set in environments we are used to seeing every day – leaves you under no illusion as to how awesome these prehistoric beasts were.

Author Bio

Matthew Rake lives in London and has worked in publishing for more than twenty years. He has written on a wide variety of topics including science, sports and the arts.

Simon Mendez, award-winning illustrator, combines his love of nature and drawing by working as an illustrator with a focus on scientific and natural subjects. He paints on a wide variety of themes but mainly concentrates on portraits and animal subjects.