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Healing or Hurting

Caring For Hearts in Broken Bodies

Andrew Davies

98 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In 2011 Andrew Davies, a dental surgeon, had a brain stem stroke when he was just thirty-three years old. This left him with just a small flicker of movement in his right thumb and only limited speech. Physically there has been very little healing in the years since his stroke but in this book he reveals the healing that has taken place. He says he now has a life worth living but also one he enjoys. In Healing or Hurting, Andrew acknowledges that God can and does heal supernaturally but focuses on the ways in which God often sustains his children when he doesn’t remove the trial. His desire is that this book helps people to understand the potential harm the church can inadvertently cause to people who are suffering by only teaching about God’s desire to heal and neglecting the wish that He may want to provide and sustain. Andrew goes further and suggests lessons Christians could learn from the Apostle Paul’s prayer regarding his thorn in the flesh and details some ethical principles from his medical background by proposing how these could be adopted when praying for the sick.
Author Bio
Andrew Davies =============

Andrew Davies was a successful Dentist and committed Christian but in 2011, at just 33, he suffered a massive Brainstem stroke that left him with locked-in syndrome. Andy published his first book Pressed but not Crushed in 2015, where he spoke about the horrors of his life change and the love of his family and devoted wife Emma. Andy and Emma have now gone on to have a young family, run a successful business and they both have maintained their faith and continued to write.