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Behind Closed Doors

Henry Turnbull

96 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Pornography and masturbation. These two words are uncomfortable even to say. Just thinking about those two words can make you feel awkward. Unfortunately, the lack of conversation about these words has allowed for millions of people to find themselves addicted to them. And being a Christian does not exclude us from that possibility. Henry Turnbull has written Behind Closed Doors for you. A Christian who’s still in school or stepping into adult life and you find yourself addicted to pornography and masturbation. You want to get out of this mess you’ve found yourself in, but you’re blind to know where to begin or how to end it. In this book you’ll find, encouragement and a sense that you’re not alone in this. It's a raw and honest book full of ideas, action steps and advice that may help you. If you’re ready to be honest and raw too; if you’re ready to ask yourself some hard hitting questions and look deep within yourself; if you’re ready to end this addiction. Then this book is for you.
Author Bio
Henry Turnbull ==============

Henry Turnbull is from Hertfordshire, England, and has a degree in Theology. He speaks to youth groups on the topic of the book. and was interviewed about his own life journey and the book on the main youth stage at New Wine, England.