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Pregnancy and Abortion

A Practical Guide to Making Decisions

Mark Houghton Esther Lüthy Christine Fidler

265 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Facing an unintended pregnancy? How can you make your own choice? Would abortion be a safe and sound solution now and in the future? This handbook, written by a team of women and men, covers parenting, abortion, and adoption. In Part 1, an experienced female pregnancy counsellor provides a simple step-by-step guide to making your own decision. Part 2 explores the options ahead for all involved and answers questions you may have. Part 3 digs deeper into health-concerns after abortion that are often overlooked.
Author Bio
Mark Houghton ============= Dr. Mark Houghton, is a writer, broadcaster, medical doctor in the UK and Israel with more than 35 years' experience, and a father of three in their 20s. Qualifying at Charing Cross Hospital, London, he is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, has the Family Planning Certificate, and diplomas in obstetrics and gynaecology, child health, and anaesthesia. Esther Lüthy ============ Dr. Esther Lüthy is a Swiss and British registered doctor for internal medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology. Christine Fidler ================

Christine Fidler BA, PGCE, MBACP is a highly experienced pregnancy counsellor and trainer of pregnancy counsellors, Manchester, UK.