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5 Marks of a Gospel Church

1 Thessalonians

Sam Gordon

201 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
Gospel is a third millennium buzzword! Many of you will be familiar with gospel partnerships where a group of like-minded local churches join forces for evangelism and mutual encouragement . We talk about gospel-hearted people, gospel leaders, gospel principles, gospel passion, and gospel initiatives; we warmly embrace gospel ministry when it is firmly anchored to Scripture and we honour those whose sacrificial service is driven by their unashamed commitment to the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16). We are passionate for church members to live their daily lives in a manner that is gospel-centred and gospel-focused.In today’s wishy-washy world of evangelicalism, our ministry mindset and theological nous are best shaped when the gospel is our default position. Across the pond in the USA we have the highly-acclaimed organisation, The Gospel Coalition, and a biennial conference appropriately called T4G (Together for the Gospel). We even refer to some local congregations of God’s redeemed people as gospel churches because they clearly display signs of gospel integrity. Such a label could be tagged onto the church in Thessalonica. Given that scenario, the important questions are: What makes a church, a gospel church? What defines it? What is its hallmark? What is its DNA? The answer to those questions, and more, is found in this Pauline epistle!
Author Bio
Sam Gordon has an international Bible teaching ministry under the banner of Truth for Today. With over 40 years under his belt in fulltime gospel ministry, and 20 books published, Sam is passionate in his desire to see lives transformed through the preaching of the Word. Check out his website for loads of free, excellent, downloadable resources: www.truthfortoday.co.uk.