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Interior Design in China : Restaurant

Weixin Chen

256 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
After the reform and opening up, the Chinese people began to have contact with interior design from other countries. Until today Chinese designers are still heavily influenced by the design trends from abroad, yet there are significant changes in the industry in China. As traditional art forms and culture connotation are introduced into interior designs, we witnessed in this book the emergence of projects with a Chinese background and strong foreign characteristics, the projects of true originality and innovation, as well as those promoting traditional culture and technological innovation as the same time. This book shows the higher levels of the interior design of Chinese restaurants and presents advanced design concepts, project analysis and projects demonstration via the five chapters of Innovation of Tradition, Cultural Heritage, Localization of Foreign Cultures, Infinite Creativity and New Application of Technology.
Author Bio
Chen Weixin, Chinese interior designer. Jury member of China Interior Design Award, CIID (China Institute of Interior Design). Chief editor of 2017 China Interior Design Annual. Editorial committee member of China Interior. Member of Interior Design Institute, ASC (Architectural Society of China). Vice president of Nanjing Institute of Interior Design. Principal designer at C+S Interior Design, Nanjing.