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Wine Labels Art & Design

Lin Chong

320 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
Many consumers have little knowledge about wines, and when they purchase, they would feel quite confused facing with various wines and dazzling labels. The book is intended to help as a collection of wine label designs from all over the world, telling stories behind the labels and inspirations of the designs. Consumers can learn about how to judge the quality of a wine by analysing the information on its label. You can even estimate the price of the wine by the label. It is a valuable book for wine lovers who are enthusiastic for wine label collection, and also a useful reference book for wine designers.
Author Bio
CHONG Lin, certified instructor in RVF wine education (La Revue du Vin de France), national BP (brevet professionnel) Sommelier (wine steward), member of UDSF (Union de Sommelier Français), CEO of France-based B & C Best Wines.