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Fixed Lives

True life changing stories from the world of addiction

Proclaim Trust

168 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
Fixed Lives is a collection of stories about people who were once caught up in the cycle of addiction, but whose lives have been truly fixed. It provides intriguing and sometimes shocking insights into these individuals' lives. Real lives that have been totally changed. Featuring Barry Woodward, Rod Williams, John Edwards, Paul Lloyd and many others.
Author Bio
Barry Woodward is the author of the bestselling book Once an Addict and founder of the charity Proclaim Trust. Woodward grew up in Manchester, where he got drawn into the drugs scene, taking cannabis, amphetamines, and LSD, leading to a life of heroin addiction and drug dealing. After being dependent on heroin for 15 years and spending a number of terms in prison, Woodward had what he describes as a religious experience that resulted in his life being totally transformed. This led to him becoming an evangelist. Since then, he has become a contemporary communicator who is humourous, passionate, and inspirational. Each year, he speaks at approximately 130 events, and occasionally contributes to discussions related to drug issues on the BBC, Channel 4, and Sky TV. He and his wife Tina, are members of the Bridge Church in Bolton, Greater Manchester.