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Architectural Material & Detail Structure:Glass

Russell Brown

320 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
The history of glassmaking can be traced back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia and it is the Romans who first used glass in architecture. With the development of technology, glass has become a common material in contemporary architecture. There are glass ceramics, polished wire glass, groove glass, glass tiles etc. With diversified surface treatments, such as enameling, acid embossing, sandblasting, and screen printing, there seems to be endless choices for architectural design. This book introduces various glass types individually and uses photos, detailed drawings, and well-organized text to analyze and showcase the application of glass and structural details. With systematic content and a great source of information, this book can serve as a great reference for readers.
Author Bio
Russell founded Hawkins Brown with Roger Hawkins in 1988. Russell has been a nationally elected member of the RIBA Council and currently sits on the RIBA Trust. He has been an External Examiner to Greenwich University School of Architecture, RIBA and Civic Trust Awards Assessor, and is currently Chairman of the Hackney Design Panel. In a former life he was a music journalist and now writes and broadcasts on art and architecture. He recently appeared on the Modern Masters series on BBC2, talking about Picasso and Deconstructivism.