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What the Bible Teaches - Song of Solomon Isaiah pb

Flanigan & Riddle

638 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
SONG OF SOLOMON by J M Flanigan. Many devoted Christians understand the song as the story of the love of the Saviour for the individual believer, and some of the choicest Christians have borrowed its language to express their love for Him and to hear Him avow His love for them. This devotional commentary proceeds in this fashion, looking for glimpses of Him who loved the Church and gave Himself for it. He is Himself, the Beloved, the heart's desire of all who love Him. ISAIAH by J M Riddle. Isaiah means "salvation of Jehovah", and the book, which has been well described as "The Gospel according to Isaiah", certainly sets out the basis on which men and women can be saved. Salvation rests on the death of the God's perfect servant and it is on this foundation that good tidings can be preached to men and women. Isaiah has been rightly called "The Old Testament Evangelist". With the considerable emphasis in the book upon salvation, it is not surprising that attention is drawn to the Saviour Himself.
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