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Escape from the Island of Occupation

Robert Plant

192 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
"The scriptural accuracy, scope, and spiritual insights of this book will appeal to the thoughtful mind. What's more, its presentation of the glories of our Lord will move the heart to kneel with the Apostle Thomas and exclaim, 'My Lord and my God!' Could any book do more?" ~John Smart"With what careful treatment and devotion the author deals with his subject. Follow this wonderful journey from eternity through our Lord's Old Testament appearances: his incarnation, transfiguration, crucifixion, and exaltation. View in holy awe - if only from a distance - His eternity, His deity, and His humanity… There is no greater subject. There is no greater occupation. May the Spirit make Him increasingly real to our hearts. As we open these pages, may our prayer be, 'That I may know Him…'" (Phil. 3:10) ~from the Foreword
Author Bio
Robert Plant is an evangelist who resides in Northern Ireland and who has written various books for young people.