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The Elephant and the Bee

On Saving the World...and Other Triumphant Failures

Jess de Boer

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On saving the world and other triumphant failures...

As a child, young Kenyan Jess de Boer knew that one day she would save the world. Leaving behind the comfort of home she sets out to make her dream a reality. Many continents, adventures and a few hilarious mishaps later, Jess returns to Africa to dedicate herself to a new passion - beekeeping.

Follow the beautifully illustrated misadventures of a young, modern-day explorer as she tackles the enormous challenges of aid in Africa, environmental concerns and conservation issues - often with humorous and dramatic results.

While saving the world isn't as easy as it seems, we can make a positive change, one little bee at a time!

Author Bio
Jess de Boer was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya to a privileged Dutch family in the region. From a young age, inspired by her surroundings, Jess de Boer had a strong desire to bring about appositive change in theworld. On graduating from University, Jess worked in a variety of industries, ranging from being a private chef in the Swiss Alps to maggot farming in Thailand, while travelling the world and documenting her many attempts to make a positive change. In 2014 Jess won The Africa Book Club Short Reads competition with her story The Honey Man. That same year, she represented Kenya in the Women’s Triathlon at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She now works as a beekeeper in Kenya and is still on a mission to one day save the world. The Elephant and the Bee is her first book.