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The Blink That Killed The Eye

Anthony Anaxagorou

Jacaranda Books Art Music

A stunningly crafted debut short story collection, The Blink That Kills the Eye takes a poetic torch to the shadows of daily life, illuminating the characters, situations, emotions and dilemmas that pour into even the most ordinary existences.

From building sites to prison cells... from the birth of love to the last moments of breath... poet Anthony Anaxagorou expertly navigates through the tangled nets of invisibility, desperation and power to bring us time-defining tales of tragedy and hope — commenting on the irony of our shrinking capacity to really see ourselves or each other in a world increasingly defined by appearances and dangerous preconceptions.

While each story stands affectingly on its own, Anaxagorou also weaves an affecting chronology, the lives of the characters overlapping and intertwining as they develop individually.

Exploring themes of invisibility, alienation, abuse, and loss, this brave and touching short story collection shows the poet-educator at his soul-stirring best.

Author Bio
Anthony Anaxagorou is a poet, playwright and prose writer from North London. His poetry has appeared on BBC Youth Nation, BBC Newsnight, the British Urban Film Awards, and performed by Cirque du Soleil. He teaches in schools and colleges around London & works closely with educational organizations including First Story, WISDM and The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company. He is co-founder and curator of the popular poetry and music night Outspoken London.