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Patrick Wilmot

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A writer in self-imposed exile in London receives a call from the Prime Minister of his former country, inviting him to return to write the Prime Minister’s biography. As he embarks from his small flat in west London to the modern Caribbean island he once called home, he immediately finds himself thrust into a world of exceptional wealth, power, and corruption.

In the midst of this turmoil the writer falls deeply in love. As the love affair advances, the writer’s passion for the island resurfaces, until the loss of a close friend propels him to make one final, potentially cataclysmic decision that will change everything.

Author Bio
Patrick Wilmot was born in Jamaica in 1942. A graduate of Yale and Vanderbilt, Dr. Wilmot taught Political Sociology at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria for 18 years and was a political advisor and speechwriter. In 1988, he was abducted by Nigerian security police and forcibly ‘retired’ to London. He has published various academic textbooks and articles, short stories and poetry. In London he comments on African affairs for radio and TV stations. Patrick’s début novel was Seeing Double (Cape, 2005/Vintage, 2012).