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Handbook of Vitiligo

Basic Science and Clinical Management

Iltefat Hamzavi Bassel H. Mahmoud Prescilia N. Isedeh

202 pages
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Vitiligo is a chronic auto-immune disorder where permanent white patches appear on the skin and sometimes hair. It is most noticeable in skin of colour; it can be extensive, disfiguring and highly stigmatising in some cultures. For years there have been few truly effective treatments, but recent breakthroughs in the surgical treatment of the disease offer new options to clinicians, and hope to patients.

Led by one of the foremost vitiligo educators and researchers into melanocyte transfer in the USA, Dr Iltefat Hamzavi, the author team has assembled this highly practical and clinical textbook for dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons.

Handbook of Vitiligo: Basic Science and Clinical Management discusses all the latest management options available, from pharmacologic therapies (topical and systemic) to phototherapy and surgical procedures (including melanocyte-rich tissue grafts and autologous melanocyte suspension transplants). With contributions from a global team of experts, Handbook of Vitiligo offers a practical, clinically oriented overview to help clinicians choose the most effective treatment options for their patients.

  • Summarises latest thinking on established therapies and emerging techniques
  • Features practical, template-style text and emphasis on clinical application of techniques (not research data)
  • Written by the key international names in the area
Author Bio

Iltefat Hamzavi MD
Senior Staff Physician

Bassel H. Mahmoud MD

Prescilia N. Isedeh MD

All at Multicultural Dermatology Centre, Department of Dermatology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA