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Pocket Tutor Emergency Imaging

Mandip K Heir Ram Vaidhyanath

224 pages
Jp Medical

Titles in the Pocket Tutor series give practical guidance on subjects that medical students and foundation doctors need help with “on the go”, at a highly affordable price that puts them within reach of those rotating through modular courses or working on attachment.  

Topics reflect information needs stemming from today’s integrated undergraduate & foundation courses:

  • Common investigations (ECG, imaging, etc)
  • Clinical skills (surface anatomy, patient examination, etc.)
  • Clinical specialties that students perceive as too small to merit a textbook (psychiatry, renal medicine)

Key Points

  • Highly affordable price and convenient pocket size format – fits in back pocket!
  • Logical, sequential content: the first principles of emergency imaging, then a guide to understanding a normal image and the building blocks of an abnormal image, before describing specific clinical disorders
  • Clinical disorders are illustrated by high quality radiographs, ultrasounds, CTs and MRIs,  with brief accompanying text that clearly identifies the defining feature of the image
  • Focuses on the conditions that medical students and foundation doctors are most likely to see and be tested on


Author Bio

Mandip K Heir MRCS
Specialty Registrar in Radiology, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Ram Vaidhyanath DMRD DNB FRCR
Consultant Radiologist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust