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No Other Doctrine

John Parkinson

204 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
No Other Doctrine sets out to show that the philosophical ideas of the twenty-first century are not new, but were already familiar to Paul in the first century. The book begins with a restatement of the gospel as preached by Paul to both Jews and Gentiles. The teaching of modernism, with its confidence in human reason and progress, is traced back to the eighteenth century Enlightenment. The writer outlines the ultimate abandonment of Enlightenment thought in favour of the new Postmodern philosophy in which the categories of truth and certainty have been replaced with relativism and pluralism. The book observes that atheistic Postmodernism and New Age mysticism are stunningly similar to the philosophies of Epicureanism and Stoicism which Paul encountered in Athens. The answer to the Postmodern and New Age challenge to our faith is therefore to be found in the Bible. This book argues for Christ-centred preaching of the gospel, and for a clear restatement of Bible truths. This Revised Edition has an Appendix on The Emerging Church, Glossary of Terms and Index.
Author Bio
John Parkinson resides in Northern Ireland and is a highly respected Bible teacher. He has also written various books and leaflets with the desire to see others come to know the Saviour and live for Him in their daily lives.