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Behold Your King

Jim Flanigan

168 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
In these meditations on the gospel of Matthew, Mr. Flanigan directs our attention to the fragrant character of the Saviour. As he does so he portrays those aspects of the person of Christ, which Matthew sets before us in his "Gospel of the King". The fulfillment by the Lord Jesus of type and prophecy, His coming as Messiah and Servant, and His majesty as King are but some of the features highlighted as each chapter of the Gospel is lovingly considered.The relevance of the teaching of the Master for us today is also emphasised, bringing lessons, challenges, and encouragement to the reader. This is a book, which will draw the heart of the believer closer to the Lord.
Author Bio
Jim Flanigan was a highly respected Bible teacher and preacher from Northern Ireland who travelled widely and wrote many helpful Christian books.