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Right Meditation

Five Steps to Reality

100 pages
Barry Long Books

Barry Long's right meditation is a five-step guide to the art of spiritual life. It's the product of the author's vast knowledge and his own practice during more than forty years as a spiritual teacher. In his plain-spoken, accessible way, he takes us through the five essential steps that lead away from emotional pain into the sensation of the body, towards fulfilment and freedom and finally to a reality beyond life and death.

These teachings are about no longer being a slave to your emotional self. They are about your reality as an individual, being alive with sensation and accelerating your intelligence, until finally you overcome your attachment to existence and the fear of death.

“This whole meditation is about you, your deeper reality.”

Author Bio

BARRY LONG was the most radical and pioneering spiritual teacher of the twentieth century, though his contribution to contemporary spirituality is often overlooked. He was the first to introduce to the western world a teaching of practical self-knowledge and immense wisdom without reference to eastern or occult traditions. ‘Right Meditation - Five Steps to Reality’ was written just before he died in 2003 and concluded his life’s work.